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Nutrition Foundations for Perimenopause  Programme


Starts April 27th 2023


This online programme (6 live sessions) will empower you to support your health through perimenopause and beyond.

We will explore various aspects of nutrition for perimenopause with a focus on real food, practical, and achievable advice.

Course outcomes:

  • A much better understanding of perimenopause
  • Diet & lifestyle framework to support:
    • Better energy levels
    • More stable mood
    • Healthy weight
    • Restorative sleep
    • Reduction of perimenopausal symptoms.


  • Combination of live group educational sessions and offline worksheets/tasks.

"Beth's perimenopause course was the perfect mix of informative, engaging and actionable."


Attendee of online perimenopause programme

"I really enjoyed Beth’s course. Her knowledge, tips and insights were informative and so useful.  Realistic and scientific information about how to help our bodies, and selves adapt and go forward to lead healthy, happy lives is what it’s all about, and Beth promotes and delivers that with professionalism and care.

Thank-you Beth. I’m inspired and will be spreading the word!"

-Louise Judd-

The Ilkley Osteopathic Practice

“Beth has really opened my eyes to how changing my lifestyle and not dieting will be far more beneficial.  I will 'build my plate' correctly and not feel guilty about the odd treat”

-Anonymous -

Attendee of perimenopause workshop

"Beth and Jo delivered a fantastic workshop.  I feel much more informed about what I can prepare for during perimenopause and beyond.  Would definitely recommend"

- S.J.-

Attendee of Nutrition and Movement for Menopause workshop