A Healthy Workforce Makes for a Productive Workforce


According to the World Health Organisation, 60% of an individual’s health and quality of life is due to lifestyle behaviours.(1)

Simple changes to diet & lifestyle can have a dramatic impact on physical and mental wellbeing and reduce an individual’s risk of developing chronic illnesses such as diabetes, cardio-vascular disease and depression.(2)

Nutrition and lifestyle are a critical and often overlooked aspect of building resilience and improved performance at work.

Beth Hughes Nutrition can plan and deliver programmes or individual sessions covering a variety of wellness topics, tailored to your organisation's requirements.

You can see details of my cutting edge DNA analytics offering, the 'Pillars of Health' wellness programme and examples of other  webinar and workshop topics below.  Please get in touch to discuss further.


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  2. Abe M, Abe H. Lifestyle medicine – An evidence-based approach to nutrition, sleep, physical activity, and stress management on health and chronic illness. Personalized Medicine Universe. 2019;8:3–9.

"The sessions have been invaluable and we have had amazing feedback from all who have attended.  This will definitely form part of our toolkit to raise awareness and support creating gender equality in our workplace.

- Nicky Sanderson -

Head of UK Sales Solutions, Advantage Smollan

“I have personally found these sessions very informative and have shared much of the information with friends who have expressed envy as their employers have not been as generous with raising awareness or being sympathetic to their needs.”

- Anonymous -

Attendee of webinar series on perimenopause

"The session was absolutely brilliant, super interesting and so helpful, with some simple changes we can all make it our day to day lives.  I could see lots of people taking notes, and was great to see people asking questions."

- Kloe from Haribo -

Organiser of webinar on nutrition for mental health

Support your leaders with


Nutrigenomics is an exciting new science which explores the interaction between nutrition and genes, with a view to improving or preventing disease, optimizing health and supporting resilience. It really is the ultimate in personalised nutrition!

Each of us is unique.  Variations in our genome (DNA) contribute to our individuality and can have significant impacts on our life and health.  Whilst your genetic code is fixed, gene expression (activity) can be modified by diet and lifestyle.

By analysing our genetic make-up, we can  better understand how our DNA may be contributing to our health and performance.  We can then put in place evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle change to optimise our function and mitigate future health risks.

DNA, nutrigenomics

Programme features:

  • Cutting edge DNA analytics from Lifecode Gx, only available through trained practitioners
  • 1:1 debrief: Nutrigenomics consultation with personalised recommendations for each participant
  • 2 x group sessions
  • Groups of 4-10
  • Delivered stand alone or as a module in your existing leadership programme
  • £970 pp (based on a group of 10)

Want to know more?

You can read further details of the programme by downloading this pdf and watch  a video of me talking through some DNA results here

The Pillars of Health Wellness Programme

Jo Buckingham & Beth Hughes

Our signature wellness programme is delivered by registered nutritionist Beth Hughes and personal trainer and Pilates teacher Jo Buckingham.

Optimal health is multi-faceted.  This 6 week programme covers the four key pillars:

  • Nutrition
  • Movement
  • Sleep
  • Stress Management

Key Principles

  • Applicable to all, regardless of current state of health
  • Educate and inspire
  • Practical suggestions with a focus on action in each session


  • Understand the power of diet and lifestyle to improve their health, wellness and performance at work
  • Better understand how their current diet and lifestyle choices are impacting their wellbeing
  • Have a personalised action plan of simple diet & lifestyle changes they can adopt to improve their health and performance, including:
    • Wellness tracker to monitor progress
    • The Wellness plate – a template for building a healthy meal
    • Full body resistance training programme – detailed instructions & resistance band to enable them to work out at home
    • Handout summarising the key outputs from each session
    • Certificate for all participants who complete the programme

In addition to the areas covered in the Pillars of Wellness programme, we also offer sessions on a variety of topics, including the following:

  • Diet & lifestyle to support mental health
  • Heartburn and acid reflux – what is it and how can diet and lifestyle help minimise symptoms?
  • Menopause matters: As a one-off presentation or a more in-depth series designed to support women through this hormonal transition.
  • Pilates for posture: 1 hour session focusing on lower back, hips and shoulders.
  • 6 week Pilates course