Your unique route to wellness.

Imagine having a personalised plan developed with your specific needs in mind.  A plan that considers all aspects of your health and wellbeing.

A plan that looks at your unique history and current circumstances and maps a route forward to help you achieve your health aims.

Each of us is unique, there is no one-size-fits-all.  Personalisation is key and that is the power of the functional medicine approach that I use.

By considering you as a unique individual, identifying and understanding the root causes of your symptoms, we can generate a practical, achievable plan to optimise your health.


1:1 Client: Jo

“I approached Beth for support with my autoimmune diseases.  I had got to a point where I couldn’t really cope anymore.  My energy levels had hit rock bottom, I wasn’t sleeping well, I had brain fog, bad joint pain and tummy bloating.

I found Beth to be very understanding, she gave me a clear plan and explained everything very clearly.

Within a month of eliminating certain foods, I really can’t tell you how much better I felt!  My energy levels had increased dramatically, I was sleeping better and my bloating tummy was gone.

This initial success really spurred me on and I've continued to see improvements over time.  I am now starting to reintroduce foods in to my diet.

Her tips for new recipes have been great.  I am eating and enjoying foods that I’ve never eaten before, and finding new ways to make delicious recipes.

Beth also encouraged and supported me in addressing other areas of my lifestlye that were impacting my health.  Stress management has been a big focus area for me and has made a huge difference to how I feel both physically and mentally.

Beth’s compassion and understanding shines through.  She completely understands what you’re going through.
I am so confident I’ll get there with Beth’s help, motivation and support. She really is with you every step of the way.  I highly recommend Beth to get you on the road to feeling so much better."

What do you get?

  • 6 weeks* of personalised nutritional therapy support
  • 90min Initial consultation incorporating full health history, face to face or via video call
  • 3 Follow-up sessions of 40 min, to go through your detailed personalised plan
  • Diet and lifestly recommendations to help you achieve your health goals
  • Review and recommendation of supplements where appropriate
  • Recommendation and explanation of relevant functional testing**
  • Access to recommendations, food and lifestyle journals and secure messaging via online portal
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Foundation Package

4 sessions over 6 weeks


Follow Up Sessions***

Book as you go

£70 per session

£175 per block of 3

*Based on follow up sessions at 2-weekly intervals, may vary according to need

**Cost of any functional testing undertaken is extra

*** Follow up sessions are only available to existing clients once they have completed their initial foundation package


1:1 Client: Jane

For years I have struggled with my energy levels as I juggle a full time job , two children and an active life. At times it felt like there were too many plates spinning and not enough time to prioritise myself.

In 2020 things came to a head as I was struck down with a couple of bouts of poor health which I still believe were not just the result of bad luck, but the cumulative impact of years of being run down.
I promised myself once I had had an operation to resolve one of the health issues I would seek some help from a nutritionist to see how I could boost my immunity!
Beth was fantastic in her approach and provided some really simple and sustainable ideas for me to weave into my diet. She explained that the symptoms I was seeing were not in my imagination but truly the result of deficiencies in my system.
The lightbulb moment was when I realised I was in control and could make things better.
It’s taking time but I am seeing results quickly and no longer feel daunted by balancing a busy life. Beth has taught me to be kind to myself and to see this as a journey.
I haven’t looked back since ....."
Jane M, Leeds

My Promise to you.

  • I will always be honest with you and  and expect honesty in return. It is only with transparency and trust that an effective therapeutic relationship can develop and thrive.
  • I will always act with integrity and put the needs of my clients, employees or associates ahead of commercial gain.
  • I will be inquisitive in all my interactions with you, seeking to understand your needs and experience, in order to provide the best possible support.
  • I will continue to build on my knowledge and expertise through CPD
  • I will approach situations with an open mind and endeavor to develop unique products and services to best meet the needs of my clients.
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