Nutrition foundations for Perimenopause: Online group programme



23rd April

35+ woman looking to take control of your health?  Don't know where to start with diet and lifestyle?

This month-long online programme will empower you to support your health through perimenopause, menopause and beyond.

We will explore various aspects of nutrition for perimenopause with a focus on real food, practical, and achievable advice.

"Beth's perimenopause course was the perfect mix of informative, engaging and actionable."

"I really enjoyed Beth’s course. Her knowledge, tips and insights were informative and so useful.  Realistic and scientific information about how to help our bodies, and selves adapt and go forward to lead healthy, happy lives is what it’s all about, and Beth promotes and delivers that with professionalism and care.

Thank-you Beth. I’m inspired and will be spreading the word!"

-Louise Judd-

The Ilkley Osteopathic Practice

This course is for you if....

You're 35 plus and find yourself experiencing any (or many!) of the following symptoms:

  • Mood swings
  • Cravings for sweet or salty foods
  • Menstrual changes (heavier, more painful, more regular or less frequent bleeding)
  • Stubborn weight gain (particularly around the middle)
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Hot flushes and/or night sweats
  • Brain fog, forgetfulness
  • Inability to manage stress or feelings of overwhelm
  • Low energy and lack of motivation
  • Waves of anxiety and/or palpitations.
  • Joint pain and stiffness

Not sure it's right for you, or have further questions?  Please do get in touch and we can discuss further. 

“Beth gives you the understanding and ideas on techniques to smooth the way through perimenopause”

"Beth has really opened my eyes to how changing my lifestyle and not dieting will be far more beneficial. I will build my plate correctly and not feel guilty about the odd treat"

We will cover...

  • What are perimenopause and menopause?

    • Why and when do they happen?
    • What are the most common symptoms?
    • How diet and lifestyle can contribute to symptoms
  • How to build a healthy plate

    • Ratios of macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats and proteins)
    • How and when to eat for health
    • Recipes and meal suggestions to inspire you
  • Digestion and detoxification

    • What, when & how to eat to support digestion
    • Detoxification and elimination
  • Supporting mental wellbeing

    • How to promote good quality sleep
    • Diet and lifestyle to soothe the nervous system and reduce the impact of stress
  • Specific foods and micronutrients to support these areas and help with perimenopausal symptoms

Course delivery and outcomes

Five 1-hour live group sessions with Registered Nutritionist Beth Hughes.

  • Tuesday 23rd, 30th April, 7th,14th and 21st May at 7.30pm
  • NB. These will be recorded for those who cannot attend live
  • Small group to allow opportunity to ask questions, check understanding and input in to the key topics you'd like to cover.
  • Community connection with other course attendees.
  • Worksheets and tasks to help you put in to practice what you've learnt
  • Accountability and support from Beth and fellow participants.
Smiling women food

At the end of the programme you will have:

  • Clarity! And a much better understanding of perimenopause and menopause
  • A menu of simple diet & lifestyle changes you can put in place to reduce symptoms and support:
    • Better energy levels
    • More stable mood
    • Healthy weight
    • Effective digestion & detoxification
    • Restorative sleep
  • A personal action plan and the opportunity to review your progress with Beth.

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