Speaking and Events



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I am available to plan and deliver workshops or talks on a variety of nutrition and lifestyle topics, including:

  • Nourish & Thrive: The foundations of eating for health
  • Understanding Menopause: Diet & lifestyle strategies to ease the transition
  • How to get a better night's sleep tonight!

These can be adapted to meet your needs, whether it be

  • Corporate wellness workshops/ programmes
  • Talks for community groups
  • Health and wellness retreats

"The sessions have been invaluable and we have had amazing feedback from all who have attended.  This will definitely form part of our toolkit to raise awareness and support creating gender equality in our workplace.

- Nicky Sanderson -

Head of UK Sales Solutions, Advantage Smollen

“I have personally found these sessions very informative and have shared much of the information with friends who have expressed envy as their employers have not been as generous with raising awareness or being sympathetic to their needs.”

- Anonymous -

Attendee of webinar series on perimenopause

“Beth gives you the understanding and ideas on techniques to smooth the way through perimenopause”

-Rachael -

Attendee of perimenopause workshop

“Beth has really opened my eyes to how changing my lifestyle and not dieting will be far more beneficial.  I will 'build my plate' correctly and not feel guilty about the odd treat”

-Anonymous -

Attendee of perimenopause workshop

Upcoming Events

Nutrition Foundations for Perimenopause


Starts 8th September 2022

This 5 week online programme (live sessions) will empower you to support your health through perimenopause and beyond.

We will explore various aspects of nutrition for perimenopause with a focus on real food, practical, and achievable advice.

You can find full details of the course content HERE

Course outcomes:

  • A much better understanding of perimenopause
  • Diet & lifestyle framework to support:
    • Better energy levels
    • More stable mood
    • Healthy weight
    • Restorative sleep
    • Reduction of perimenopausal symptoms.


  • Combination of live group educational sessions and offline worksheets/tasks.
  • Live session dates: All on Zoom
    • Thursday 8th, 25th, 22nd, 29th Sept & 6th Oct at 7.30pm
    • Follow-up 'Drop-in' session Thursday 3rd Nov 7.30pm